Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sitting in mumbai by our balcony in my favourite rocking chair, lucky (our dog) sprawled on my feet,enjoying the rains with steaming, hot cup of lemongrass tea, i can't help but relive the phi-phi memories. Ours was a monsoon wedding and phi-phi was the chosen honeymoon destination. We flew to phuket from bangkok and then took a ferry from the pier in the morning. The timings of the ferries can be confirmed by the tour operators at phuket airport.
The view on the way is quite scenic. The beautiful bluish green shade of water, lovely hills is just mesmerising. The island is pollution free as the preferred mode of transport is ferries or bicycles. We chose to walk. We stayed in the beautiful hotel cabana,which is just outside the pier. The hotel has its own swimming pool with a fountain in between and a very good restaurant. After freshening up and having a good lunch of prawns, we headed out to explore the city. Phi-phi is a small island and can be easily covered on foot. Though, the island was badly hit by tsunami, it has managed to rebuild itself and still look so beautiful and serene. We saw some places which were marked as tsunami hit.
The lanes are dotted by spas offering all kind of massages and tour operators offering courses in scuba or taking tourists for deep sea fishing. We were also handed pamphlets of some parties happening that night. At night we chose to go to club hippie's. Hippies is an open air lounge by the sea. We chose a tree house kind of place to sit in. It was cozy and nice. They were serving starters and drinks. There was a competition going on on which couple can finish the assortment of mixed drinks served on a table placed in the centre. There were a few shots and a pitcher of mixed liquour which was supposed to be drank through a straw. An Australian group won the challenge. Loved the early morning walks, watching the village wake up, fishermen going to work, stores opening up slowly. Then having the most amazing food, going for a swim in the clearest water that I have ever seen, catching that much loved afternoon nap and again going for a walk, exploring new restaurants and eating....Glorious 3 days of my life!!!

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