Friday, January 14, 2011

Dream Home

My whinstone house my castle is, I have my own four walls.
Thomas Carlyle

My castle, my own four walls, my dream home!  

A new girl in the city of Mumbai, sat by the only window in her 275 sqft. rented 1 RK (1 room-kitchen, a term very well known to any Mumbaiite) apartment, which she shared with 3 other roommates and dreamed about having a small place to call her own. A place in which she would live by her own terms, a place which she would do up as she likes, a place where she would call her friends over, a place, a small but cozy place...

After living in shared apartments with some sweet and some not very sweet roomies for 8 years, this dream was on her priority list of dreams. However, her parents were not very comfortable with the idea of their precious little daughter living alone in the "ruthless" city of Mumbai. Thus, all she could do was to sit by that only window and dream..

Today, that girl is married to a man whom she chose and after quite a battle her parents gave in. They moved to Bangalore soon after marriage and decided to have a nest of their own. The girl couldn't believe her luck, she was going to buy a house, her home, her very own place. The search started in the warm month of April on her 29th birthday and in the wet month of July, they landed in this old house, which had no particular quality to boast about, except for the warmth that just trapped both of them. This big but warm and cozy house had this unique quality of making one feel at home and so they decided to make it their home. On their 2nd anniversary, they signed the deal and over the weekend, shifted in their new home.

The girl was ecstatic, she had a place to call her own, to do up as she liked, to call her friends over, a warm and cozy home...It is her castle, she has her own four walls!!


  1. well this is a start to some creativity which to a large extent is commonly available but rarely recognized....

  2. Awesome shandi... too good... love you...

  3. wow ...beautifully scripted ....

  4. Supriya .......very nice :)Gr88
    All the very best... Cheers for your CASTLE :)

  5. way to go Supi--keep writing, it is a beautiful form of expression. Really impressed. Now write in first person also:)

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