Thursday, January 19, 2012

get well soon lucky

Lucky teaches me new things about myself, emotions i didn't know existed. Day before yesterday he had gone for a walk and he returned with a bad limp. The doc sensed a fracture in his paw but gave him injections and asked to observe him for a day. However, as there was no improvement, we got an x ray done and our fears were confirmed. It is a fracture. He has got a plaster on his foot. I have never seen anybody getting a plaster before. It is hard to believe! But i have never dealt with this situation before. I was dealing with all sorts of emotions:
Anger for having to move him from a calmer city like bangalore to this hustle, bustle where my poor lucky can't even walk without falling or getting hit by a vehicle, though it's a residential area and not a main road,
Hurt to see him going through all this when the poor soul doesn't realise what's happening
Amused at how he still tries to jump over us not realising that he will fall
Sad to leave him and go to work tomorrow.

It's going to take 3 weeks to heal and i wish that i could stay with you for all this time, that i didn't have to tear myself and go to work leaving you behind. I love you,lucky and i pray that u get well soon :)


  1. i love u too lucky boy....get well soon....vidur says....oye lucky, lucky oye !!!

  2. Lucky brave as a lion, sharp as a heyna, swift as a cheetah, caring as tiger ( major diFference he is not from the cat family) and as loyal as a pack of snow dogs. Nothing can take the charm off him

    He shall rise back to him mischievious self in no time.

  3. Lucky is like me "Brave"...He will get soon.Love u lucku...

  4. Awwwww...Lucky is a brave lil dog..who will be up and about in no time........and will be back to his mischievous lil self......

    Sopan and Supriya......i know..u guys must be babying his to death
    hence am certain..he will be up and about sooner than u think :) :)

  5. I want to come home some time soon to see lucky's new possession- blue plaster :) thing is he still plays and runs...He will be fine soon...