Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My favourite vacation spot - Palolem

We tend to take a vacation almost every 3-4 months to get away from the hustle - bustle of the city, which means we have visited a few places in and around the city. However, my favourite vacation spot, till date, remains Palolem. Palolem is an unspoiled, picturesque beach in South Goa, in the Canacona district. It is approximately equidistant from Margao in Goa and Karwar in Karnataka.

Palolem is not known by too many tourists so it's still quite uncrowded as compared to the other beaches in goa. The tourists are mostly foreigners and some Indians who know about the beach. Thus, you have less prying eyes and everybody just seems to be having a good time.

My favourite activity in Palolem is just lazing around. The world seems to have come to a stand still. There is no hurry, no rush, nobody has a long list of things-to-do. Everybody is just sprawled all around. I love this place called Ciarans in Palolem. It looks lovely, has a great restaurant with yummy food, a library and a good sun-deck. I have never stayed there but the bamboo huts sure look inviting, though a little expensive compared to other shacks.

My first trip to Palolem was on valentine's Day in 2008 with my fiancee and another friend. We had a good time, the majority of which was me sprawled in the hammock with coconut water / breezer (depending on my mood at that time of the day) and a book in hand, while the guys played snookers. I remember taking a ferry and going to a nearby island to watch the sun set. Amazing view, I must say!

The second trip was made with my husband, sister and brother-in-law in April this year. We had a candle-lit dinner with good music. Most of the shacks put the tables outside on the beach with candles. We hopped a few shacks, had yummy dinner in one and took a leisurely stroll by the beach.

One of the shacks was closing down and the owner's family had thrown a party for that. They had Karaoke going on. My sis, who is a pretty good singer also sang a song there. We were all in rapture.

The next day, we had a good filling breakfast in Ciarans and then played in water for some good hours. After freshening up, we again went to Ciarans' sun-deck and had our lazy lunch. When I ordered for a cup of tea, the kitchen was already closed to be open only around 6 pm. We were just hanging around there, chatting, experimenting with my hubby's latest love, the new Nikon SLR. We didn't know how the time flew by and I was served my evening tea. There is no greater joy for me than getting a fresh, steaming cup of tea in the evening and what better than enjoying the lovely view of sunset along with it! I never knew doing nothing could be so wonderful and Palolem is just the place to be doing nothing!

So, take a break, do nothing and please share your stories of your perfect vacation spot and what made it so memorable.

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  1. My favorite too....

    Many more such Vacations to come :-)

  2. Very nice blog.......loved all the lamp pics.I can very well imagine ur joy of getting a fresh cup of steaming cuppa of tea :)
    Would lov to read ur next blog on vacation :)

  3. @Sopan: Waiting for those :)

  4. @Gayatri: ;) Who better than you can understand my joy on the cuppa

  5. You didn't mention about the 'She Loo'!!! :)

  6. ya :)Completely forgot about that but then again details like those are better not shared with the world :)

  7. every weekend i would like to vist some new places this time i choose to visit this place before i vist i read your blog really thanku your inforamtion helps me a lot act i am very new to that place ...next week i am planning to visit WildLife Safari

    1. hope you have a lovely trip. Let us know about it n Ur wildlife safari. Glad that u found the info helpful.

    2. hope you have a lovely trip. Let us know about it n Ur wildlife safari. Glad that u found the info helpful.