Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once Overs!!

I have always felt that a girl checks out another girl more than a guy does. Have you ever felt being checked out from toe to head before a girl replies to your "HI" or responds to the introduction being made by another friend. The situation is worse if you are introduced by a male friend / colleague to his girl friend :)You hold your breath while the gaze of the girl moves from your sandals to your legs to your dress, hair and then oh-so-finally to your face and then to your extended hand, in case you have extended your hand. The response also depends on if she liked what she checked out or she didn't. Now, this can be a tricky one! There can be the following options:

1. She responds warmly:
a. She has a good heart and she just likes checking other women (Blah!)
b. She is faking the warmth, she absolutely hates you for looking so gorgeous. The warmth is just a facade and the teeth & nails will come out the moment the guy leaves you both alone.
c. She hates your dressing sense and thinks you no competition.

2. She is weird in her response:
a. She definitely thinks of you as competition and would do anything to take her guy away
b. She is a B**** and is generally weird with every other girl

Then there are another variety, who are difficult to decode. They would be all sweetness in your girls - only time but as soon as they have some company, generally your boyfriend or hers, they would start putting you down..."Oh! the color of that watch strap is so bright", "Why did you cut your hair?", "That yellow is so tough on my eye". Now, you would want to instantly throttle this girl but would have to do with a diplomatic answer which you hope doesn't offend your friend and still makes the girl stop passing such rude remarks. These are mostly the intelligent but insecure types. In the insecure type, there is also a dumb variety, who will pass ignorant, illogical comments to put you down, which make for a very fun reading...something that I heard recently was "Your skin glows because you drink so much!"

Anyway, these once-overs as I call it can have two effects on the checkee(the one who is being checked out, the checker being the one who is checking out):
1. You feel super confident and have an instant glow as you think she loves your outfit and hates it that it's not with her
2. You are a lil shy and you blush
3. You feel rickety thinking is your fly open or your strap showing or something is torn, etc..etc..

Whatever, the cause and effect might be, the important thing is we have all had our own experiences of once-overs, being the checkee or even the checker. How many times have we not sat with our girl friends and checked out passers by and judged them by their shoes or clothes. Oh no, I am suddenly feeling very nostalgic and missing my besties..

Well, it will be fun to read some weird insecure lines or your experiences of getting or giving once -overs. I guess it will make a nice book! So, looking forward to hearing from you guys..

Till then, Happy Once - overs :)


  1. hehheheheeeeee..... REMINDS ME OF SOME PEOPLE THAT WE KNOW.... :-)

  2. Nice blog Supi, women are tough to decipher (like we didn't know that already) !! I was once told 'Your hair is lovely and curly, isnt it true that u lose more of that, enjoy it while it lasts'...hate that b**** !!

  3. "Enjoy it while it lasts?" what the hell was that? What a B...., seriously! :)