Sunday, June 12, 2011

My newest addiction

I have always been addicted to shoes and always am on a lookout for a funky pair. However, my latest addiction is for hair accessories. I just got an asymetrical bob cut done and I love dressing it up with colorful clips and hair bands. Here are a few pairs that I bought.

Hair clip cum brooch - Vero Moda

I am in love with this clip cum brooch. I think it's very stylish and love the way it shifts from a sober brooch look to a funky party look with the clip.

I picked this one on my latest trip to Baby Shop. I know it's funny but they seriously have some great girly clips and it's up to us to choose the ones that don't look too kiddish but at the same time are colorful and cute. I found this quite summery.

There are a few gifted by my Mommy on my birthday. They are pretty colorful and cute and provide cheer to anything I wear. They are also a great option on bad hair days. :)

These are a few hair bands that I picked up from my latest shopping expedition to Lifestyle and Central.

I absolutely love the colour and bow detail on this one!

Love the stone work on this one. Goes with any LBD and party-wear.

Gifted by my girl-friend from Dubai. I love this star fish and it goes with absolutely anything that I wear :)

Till my next post on my new addiction, happy accessorizing!



  1. very very cute :) congrats on ur new possessions... :)

  2. nice stuff...i bought the same flower from vero moda in grey :P

  3. @ Vini: Yeah, I remember seeing the grey one as well in Mumbai, when I bought this one. Let's wear it together on a mad poison nite :P

  4. I remember the Vero Moda clip very well. I was with you then but was completely unaware of your addiction :D Well happy collection!

  5. Yup lets do that!!! poison here we come !!!