Monday, February 14, 2011

Performance feedback form of the shoe God

Dear God,

I know you get a lot of letters from people asking you for favours but this one is an appraisal letter for you, a sort of performance feedback. This is for the good work that you have done by creating shoes or by creating craftsmen who create such beautiful masterpieces.
Name: Shoe God
Job Title: God of shoes
Department: Shoes
Appraiser: Supriya Limaye

Discussion Form:
I love all things shoes! I just love them. It's this unconditional love which has no explanation. However, my love is not blind. I love only the sexy, beautiful, gorgeous ones. They just call out for me from their shelves in the stores and I just get pulled. It is like love at first sight. Then once I have tried them on and my feet sink in the perfect pair, I just cannot resist the temptation. They just call out "Buy me, take me home, wear me, i am yours!" Those sexy stilletoes, the classic pumps, the hot boots, the comfy wedges, the athletic sneakers, the lovely peep toes, the funky sling backs, I love them all!

When I meet somebody, I often judge the kind of people they are by the shoes they wear. I have the following classifications of personalities according to the shoe types:
1. Stilettoes denote a person who is sexy, bold and would go to any lengths to achieve her dreams and desires.

2. Wedges denote a smart, cool and casual personality who can multitask. She is a smart worker and knows the balancing act.

3. Classic pumps is very feminine, smart and classy. Someone who is always making style statement and is very popular.

4. Kitten heel girl is fun to be with. She is mysterious, edgy, girly and very low maintenance.

God, you have created so many options for us, girls! I know you are dedicated towards this category and extremely innovative. You are a classic EE (Exceeds Expectation) according to my appraisal, as far as the ratings on shoes go.

Your objectives for the next year are:
1. To get more shoe stores to my city
2. To get more international brands to my city
3. To come up with ultra sexy designs in all kinds and colors
4. To give me enough salary hike this year to be able to afford all the above!!! (very important!!)

So, signing off now! Keep up the good work.

One of your huge fans! :)


  1. Heheheheeee.... well written ... I love the message at the end of the blog.... Wondering when will you write an appraisal form for the Hairband God and the Bag God oh ya and the beads god....

  2. @Shilu: Thanks chhillo!

    @Sopan: Very funny! They are not due for appraisals this year. They still have a long way to go to overachieve my expectations. :)

  3. jiju u r missing the fish god and the ginger tea god....
    hahahaha :)

  4. lol!! such a cute post! may the shoe god keep performing better n better.. otherwise we women wld b so lost! :)