Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My three men!

Well, let me warn you in the very beginning that this is not going to be some girly, juicy gossip on the no. of men dated/ dumped. This is to certify that this is a family blog and doesn't require parental supervision of any kind. I am talking about the 3 men that I live with. Each one is different from another and I love this difference.

The 1st man in my life is a little whacky and he loves it that way. He is edgy and loves to experiment, be it a new look for himself, his partner or his house. He adores change. The furniture in the house needs to be reset every few months, the paints have to be different, the hair style a little experimental. He loves junk food. While he can gorge on fries and coke, his appetite suddenly goes down, if served rice and dal. Though, he requires a little push to complete tasks at hand, one knows that whenever the work is done, if ever, it will be perfect, no half measures for him. No task is beyond him, he can easily fix the lights, hammer nails as well as blow dry your hair and apply mehendi on your hands. He loves grocery shopping, I have been able to figure out the hidden motivation behind this after 4 years of living with him. He loves chocolates, colas and fries and he can easily stock up on them while doing this chore. He is glad to help in the kitchen and is a pro in making sandwiches, maggi and sunny side ups. He can be a person who is fun to hang out with as well as soon transform into a guy who will give you a patient ear, a shoulder to cry on and wipe your tears.

The 2nd one is an easy going person. He is very caring, the one who is always ready to have the smaller bite so that you can have the bigger piece. Someone, who from very childhood has saved even the single toffee that he got in school to be able to share it with the family. He is very responsible as well. If you give him a chore and forget about it, the work will be done! I depend on him for so many things. He will check if we have our bottle of water at night by our bed, if the doors are properly locked and the lights off. He is like that silent rock of support, who can always be relied on and who is greatly missed if not around.

The 3rd man in my life is a favorite amongst everybody. He is extremely playful, hyper, overactive, loyal and the most sensitive person around. He has his rituals set and he is very disciplined about them. He is the one who wakes us all up, reminds us about our breakfast, sees us all to the door and welcomes us all back home. He is very possessive and protective of me and if anyone tries to come near me, they have had it! He loves to sit next to me and gaze at me with his dreamy eyes, wait at the kitchen door while I cook, play with me, follow me around everywhere I go and pull me to bed when it's time to sleep. Everybody loves him.

By now, you might be able to guess who are these men! The 1st one is my hubby, the 2nd my bro and the 3rd my doggy! :) There is never a dull moment with all the 3 of them around. I love them all and can't be thankful enough to God to bless me with these 3 wonderful men in my life!

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  1. Imagine being proud of 4 people at the same time for the same reason..... the reason being that they are special.....

    Proud to be related to three of them and being the 4th ;-)

    Love you Baby