Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let's not be superwomen. It's highly overrated!!!

Have been going through a lot of posts on social media about many feminist issues. Be it discussions on how regressive a festival karwa chauth is or if it's only the responsibility of women to take care of children or whether women should make career their first priority or family. And have been wondering why such confusions exist in women's lives only. Is it because society expects so much out of us or have we in our endeavor to be perfect in everything made our lives so confusing.

 I have always voted for "do whatever brings you happiness" school of thought. That doesn't mean I am not guilty of striving for perfection and feeling upset when I haven't been able to achieve it. I haven't attained Nirvana yet and I would be fooling myself if I said not attaining all doesn't bother me.

 However, the underlying issue is that we always want to be the best of employees, best of wives/ lovers, best of cooks, best of hosts, best of mothers, best of daughters, best of friends and often in juggling so many roles, we fail in our own eyes. Let's face it, we are not the best and can't be the best in everything, however hard we tried!!! And I think it's time we stopped trying so hard and just celebrated life as it is. Let's not beat ourselves and choose to do whatever brings us happiness.

 If fasting on Karwa chauth makes us happy, let's do it and not fear if our peers call us regressive but if it doesn't inspire us, let's not do it under the pressure to increase the man's life span. 1 day of fast surely can't make up for 365 days of smoking and every weekend's drinking session.

 It's time to enjoy our decisions, if we like cooking, let's cook, if we don't, let's just order and have fun with friends. Everyone remembers a good time and if you are having a good time, others will have fun too. Nobody likes to see a stressed host, spending all the time in the kitchen. We love good food but we have come to your place to spend time with you and have some fun!!

 We can choose to just concentrate on our career and get adventurous on holidays, splurge on vacations and spend some quality time with the husband/ oneself rather than be stressed about having a baby coz everyone else is having one or we can choose to have a baby and have fun raising it, let the career take a backseat if that makes one happy.

 One can choose to be single or be married. All I am saying is let's just have fun doing whatever we do, take onus of our decisions and stop blaming the societal pressure.

The whole idea of living in modern times is to be free and liberated in our thoughts ane be happy in our decisions and let others be happy in their decisions too. Let's not impose our thoughts on others and let's not get imposed by other's thoughts too. Everyone has a point of view and with social media on a high, everyone has a platform to express it. Let's respect, take whatever we want and leave aside whatever is beyond us, have faith in ourselves.

  I hope and I promise to try to do it myself. So to all the lovely ladies...please let's just enjoy living!!!!

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