Monday, March 14, 2011

Girl's day out and a slice of childhood!

Our group of friends have a ritualistic get-together and it has been named as "Talli Day", as people get drunk, pull each other's legs and the idea is to catch up and have loads of fun. Half of the gang is in Bangalore and the other half in Chennai. This time the venue of Talli Day was Chennai. However, with Lent going on, half the population was not drinking or eating non-veg. Also, with the World Cup fever on, we girls knew that most of the time will go in front of the TV. Thus, we decided to let the guys be and we left for Besant Nagar Beach.

The beach was quite a relief to the stifling weather of Chennai. It was breezy and we could feel the wind in our hair and in our steps. We had Mango dolly and chocolate ice-cream, the moment we reached the beach. We sat on the sand and gossiped. One of us, spotted the balloon vendors and all of us went crazy. I spotted the "chakhri wallah". It reminded me of my childhood days when my grandfather used to take me to the nearby park and buy those chakhris for me. What fun i used to have running in the wind with the chakhri rotating! We also aimed and shot some balloons. My friend M has superior aim, while the 3 of us struggled with the gun, she would shoot any balloon that we chose for her. We then bought a whistle, which we call Pi-Pi, because of the sound it makes. In a state of bliss after the shopping, we attacked a Fruit Junction, where M and V had passion fruits juice and Chikoo milk shake.

In general banter, we placed a bet on whose husband would be the first one to miss his wife as none of us had still got any calls or messages from our respective husbands. The guys, i guess, were more than happy to get rid of us so that they could watch the match in peace. We were expecting another couple to reach the venue soon. So, I told the girls to wait and watch as we would get a call as soon as the couple arrives as there would be a girl in the house and the guys wouldn't know how to entertain her and would want us back to take care of the situation. V was the first one to get a message from her darling hubby. We started teasing her and came to a conclusion that she owes us all a treat. Soon, M's hubby called me as she was driving and started enquiring about our location. My prediction came true, the couple had arrived and the guys wanted to know when were we coming back.

We reached home with all our shopping of pi-pi, chakri and the balloon. Soon, there was madness in the house with us blowing pi-pi and waving chakri after every wicket of South Africa that India took. At the end, India lost the match but we still had so much fun cheering. To kill the disappointment, Tunir took to the guitar and V's hubby started singing. We all joined in with our tuneless singing!! We played pictionary and dumb charades afterwards.

Most of the T-Days follow the same format but this one was more sober with lesser people drinking. However, it was nice and different because of the girls day out and the way we relived our childhood. Cheers to many more of such Talli-Days!!

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  1. :D awesome!!!i loved going out with u girls also:) three cheers to our girls day out!! we can have one when I come to b'lore next!